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Benefits of Using Fire Stop America Installation Contractors:
  • Professional, accurate installation
  • Installers are comprehensively trained by fire stop manufacturer
  • No other scope of work to distract; fire stopping is our ONLY focus
  • Experts in life safety and code compliance
  • Single contact point for coordination of work with other trades, punch lists, product submittals
  • Consultation design through construction
  • Documentation and labeling critical issue
  • Closeout documentation provided
  • Reduces liability exposure
  • Ensures that installation was completed correctly
  • Reduces post construction fire stop problems
  • You will be presented with an accurate percentage complete on your fire stop scope of work throughout the project.
  • Detailed information listed so that it is easily accessible for the inspector to review
  • Perform accurate system selection and engineering judgment process
  • Smoother, faster inspections
  • Inspectors generally feel more comfortable with the expertise of professional fire stop installers, versus the installation performed by the trades
  • System and products provided by one manufacturer for the entire project
  • Allows trade and supervisory personnel to focus on primary tasks
  • Control of penetrations (hole size schedule provided)
  • Peace of mind

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