• Comprehensive training programs
  • Local marketing plans provided to you
  • Your liability is minimized because our ideas and systems have already proven to be successful
  • State of the art programs that maximize profitability and minimize liability
  • We provide the technology to minimize your initial hardware and software costs

Franchise Originator Location:

6280 Knox Industrial Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63139
Phone -314-644-5323
Fax -314-644-5320

Investing in a Fire Stop America Franchise
A few of the most frequently asked questions

What does the "initial franchise fee" purchase?

An exclusive territory, use of Fire Stop America trademarks and the use of the proprietary estimating, extensive fire stop industry training, the FSA website to be used as a marketing tool, accounting and computer technology.

What is the "initial franchise fee"?


What is the "total investment"?

It ranges from $190,000.00 to $270,000.00, which includes working capital.

What is the "royalty rate"?

Fire Stop America's royalty rate is only 4% of gross sales up to the first $2Million.
Royalties from $2Million - $3Million will be 3.5%, and anything over $3Million will be 3%.

Is there a "local advertisement requirement"?

Yes. You are required to spend 1/4% of your gross sales on ongoing approved advertising expenses.

Do I need to have "experience" in the "fire stop industry"?

Direct experience in the fire stop industry is not necessary; however, experience in construction or maintenance is important along with the ability to read plans.

Where do I buy my "products" from?

We have entered into an exclusive arrangement with a major provider of fire stop material and have passed the savings on to our franchisees.

How is the FSA Website going to help me in my territory?

The website states all of the capabilities that each franchisee will be able to perform. In this way it will be a generic site that informs any customer of the work you will be able to perform. However, as we develop our franchisees throughout America, we will link the franchises locations to a map showing the location of each franchise. Each location will be able to show that FSA franchisees company information and the entire territory that they cover.

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