"Dream Big.
Set Goals for your success."

Franchise Originator Location:

6280 Knox Industrial Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63139
Phone -314-644-5323
Fax -314-644-5320

The Goal:
John B Thornburgh Jr.
Founder of Fire Stop America

Hello my name is John B Thornburgh Jr. I'm the founder of Fire Stop America. I started my fire stop business in January of 1994 in St. Louis, Missouri. As I learned more about fire stop technologies and systems, I realized the great opportunity available for highly motivated tradesmen or construction management professionals that are interested in entrepreneurship. As a result, I believe I have created an outstanding franchise system that will assist these individuals achieve their goals of success.

I intend to grow this franchise opportunity throughout North America. I also plan to open franchise locations internationally in Canada and Europe. My goal is to impart to you all of the seasoned expertise and trade secrets you need to be able to successfully reproduce our business approach to satisfied customers in a manner that will garnish for you the same acclaim in your Franchise. I have traced our steps repeatedly, refined and redefined the product, and analyzed all of the details. The groundwork has been very carefully laid to make our method of addressing fire rated systems and smoke seals, simple and effective for a perfectly completed product every time, so that customers will at once recognize and appreciate the quality, consistency and convenience associated with using Fire Stop America.

All of us at Fire Stop America look forward to working with you in helping you realize your dream.

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